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E-ticket: Print it!

E-tickets are more and more used. Indeed, e-tickets allow consumers to gain a certain amount of time before events such as cinema and concerts or before travelling by plane, train or bus. E-Tickets are different from traditional tickets. They provide a wide range of advantages that traditional don't offer. An E-ticket can be directly printed at home for example. Consumers do not need anymore to wait days or weeks before receiving the tickets in their mailboxes. Every ticket is unique, personal and controlled before attending the event or traveling with a specific company. 

M-ticket: Show it!

An m-ticket does not need to be printedThe E-ticket is indeed a ticket that you can directly download to your smartphoneImagine you are going to board for a flight to New York, the only thing you need to do is to present your smartphone to the stewardess. She will scan it and you will be able to board. 

 M-ticket via Google Wallet

A mobile ticket offers multiple opportunities. It allows consumers to order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets wherever they are and whenever they want by using their smartphones.

Besides, mobile tickets offer more advantages than traditional ones : better commodity for users, less queuing at the entrance of a theater, concert or event. And costs will also drop because of the reduced printing and diffusion costs. Furthermore, it will be impossible to lose your ticket.

Consumers now gain time because they have the possibility to buy and use their tickets whenever they want and wherever they are thanks to their smartphones.

M-tickets are only the beginning of a more digitalized way of living. Indeed, smartphones are becoming real digital wallet and retailers cannot wait anymore before exploiting this major opportunity. 

The M-ticket is also eco-friendlier, compared to the E-ticket it doesn't need to be printed, paper consumption will thus decrease, making it even better for our planet! So what are you waiting for?

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