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Thanks to Mobilosoft, Touring Glass was able to increase the online visibility of its points of sale by 97% in just three months. The secret: a complete overhaul of its presence on Google My Business

In 2014, Touring made an ambitious bet: starting a windscreen repair and replacement centre, on a market where Carglass reigns supreme. 

Three goals

To make this challenge a success, Touring Glass decided in late 2014 to entrust Mobilosoft with a three-fold mission:

  • centralise and standardise management of the online presence for its repair stations
  • increase their visibility on Internet
  • compete with Carglass on Internet

First of all, Mobilosoft decided to rationalise and centralise the management of the Touring Glass points of sale in a single account. It then performed a "clean-up", so that all information was written and formatted in line with the rules set by Google My Business. Mobilosoft then posted a few promotional messages on the web pages for these points of sale. 

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Mission accomplished

One month after the overhaul of its stations' online presence, their visibility increased by 44%. After three months, this figure increased to 97%. Now, Touring Glass is firmly established on the Web and is ready to serve unlucky motorists at the nearest repair station. 

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