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[Guest Post] According to Pinterest, 2,2 million Belgians use this platform on a monthly basis. And guess what? Recently Pinterest has rolled out its advertising platform in Belgium!

90% of its users say that Pinterest is the source of inspiration for their next purchase. Besides this, 55% of Pinterest’s users use this platform to look for or buy products, according to Skleinder Perkin’s trends report of 2016. This is proportionally 5 times more than on other social platforms. This doesn’t mean that advertising on other platforms is less efficient. You have to keep in mind where you can find your audience on which platform, in which phase of the funnel.

Whereas Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter make you relive past events and live day by day, Pinterest is used to plan future ideas by for example pinning. Pinterest is a planning platform where seasonality is the center of all attention.

-> https://www.blue2purple.com/do-you-know-that-pinterest-is-a-planning-platform-that-leads-to-conversions

By Ambre