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One of the main challenges of Retail organisation is the ability to measure in store traffic and assess where it is coming from. It is often hard to attribute an in-store visit to a specific marketing action. It is thus complicated to understand and optimize O2O (online-to-Offline) conversions.

Even though this measurement is still not 100% accurate, many tools allow you to get numbers close to the reality. The first of those tools is Google, which estimates your in store traffic based who saw your Ad or clicked on it (Adwords campaigns).



Google uses two types of data do determine in store traffic

  • Data coming from Google Maps : This type of data allows for comprehension on the geographic position of a specific shop.

  • User Data : Users can share data with Google if they chose for it. If this data is crossed with the geolocalized data of a shop, we can determine if a user was in the shop, how long he stayed or even if he ever went there in the past.

In order to ensure the accuracy of this data, Google regularly organises surveys to check whether this data is correct or not. To do this Google uses the Google Opinion Rewards App. This app will generate questions like “did you ever went to this shop during the last few days?” when approaching a point of sale.

When taking those elements into consideration we understand why Google is going through such efforts to promote Google Maps and Google my business. Because without those two medias, it would be impossible for Google to make such measurements. This combination also makes it possible for local points of sale to target an Adwords campaign within a specific location.

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