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It’s not new, consumers surf on the web before going in store: 85% do local request to obtain store’s information that are relevant to them (source: ropo.fr). And 84% trust in reviews and ratings published by customers (source: brand-advocacy.fr).

Why online rating management is important?

Reviews are highly visible on Google Maps as well as Google search and have a direct impact on customer activation. Since more than one year, we can filter local results by star numbers.


Then :

  • Positive ratings and reviews generate more in-store-traffic 
  • Negative ratings and reviews considerably decrease this traffic

In algorithmic terms, relevance is one of Google’s criteria to determinate the ranking in local results. Popularity have a part of influence on internet like in real life. Therefore, review management adds value: a better visibility for search results.

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Which data invites users to go to the point of sale?

Combined with the following points, good review management generates more activations :

  • The good implementation of addresses and opening hours (and exceptional opening hours)
  • The contact options: call and soon instant messaging
  • Products and services details
  • Store pictures
  • Itinerary calculation
  • Real time information (real time in-store-traffic, for example)



By Ambre