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Having correct data is one of the most overlooked issues in Web-to-Store initiatives for retail brands. Web-to-Store providers often don’t take the necessary time to explain what’s at stake in good data management. In this article, we will mainly discuss point-of-sale data, which may extend to other types of data, such as promotions, event information, etc.

The concept of correct point-of-sale data:

Point-of-sale data are composed of several elements that must be stored in databases, the most important of which is the address. However, an address can be written in different ways. Let’s take the example of the Decathlon sporting goods store in Leers.

The address entered is:

     Decathlon Leers
     Aushopping Leers
     Avenue de L’Europe
     59115 Leers


This address includes two major errors:

  1. The store name: here it is made up of the brand name ’Decathlon’ and the city name ‘Leers’. According to Google's very strict rules, the name must be listed "as it appears on the store front". In this case, we can clearly see that the store name is ‘Decathlon’ and that ‘Leers’ has nothing to do with the store name. Google also specifies that, "geographic information, such as neighbourhood, city or street name must not be included in the store name".
  2. The house number is missing. After some searching, we found that the store’s house number on Avenue de L'Europe is ‘1’.


The correct address should be:

     Aushopping Leers
     1 Avenue de L’Europe
     59115 Leers


This address seems correct, even though we could question the name of the shopping centre. According to Google rules, is it ‘Aushopping Leers’ or just ‘Aushopping’? I'll leave it up to you to check this out.


Why is this so important?

As with all its tools, Google appears to give a quality score to store pages, which is used to categorise store info in Google Search and Google Maps by order of priority. The higher the quality score, the more likely you are to see your store pages in the search results.

We carried out a test with the Touring Glass brand, a Belgian competitor of Carglass (in Belgium) and the Ixina brand (in France). In both cases, changes to the addresses in Google led to a boost in the level of visibility of their store pages. For Touring Glass, the increase was 97% after just three months, and for Ixina it reached 75% in four months' (article in French).


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