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Google has implemented since mid-April new attributes to show the delivery and pick up options for restaurants and essential businesses.

Since the beginning of March the Google My Business team have announced new attributes (complementary informations) on store profiles. This has been done to offer potential customers more detailed information about pick up or delivery.

The new option for essential businesses :

  • Pick up inside the store
  • Curbside pick up
  • Delivery

Restaurants :

  • Curbside pick up
  • Contactless delivery

These attributes are visible on Google Search and Google Maps and are put forward on the Google My Business listings.

Be aware, the main category linked to your business determines the possibility to add those new attributes. So if the attributes you would like to put forward are available for specific categories, we recommend that you activate this category as your main one for the lock down duration, and to downgrade your current main category to a secondary one.

Tip: do not hesitate to reference other services your business provides in the secondary categories. Google offers up to 9 additional per point of sale ! This will drive the SEO of your business page up. For example: if you are a supermarket and offer a package pick up point.

Do you have a question about how to implement it? Get in touch with your Mobilosoft Customer Success Agent !

By Luana