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The Summer is coming, here's the checklist for your local digital marketing

15/06/18 14:39

The summer period is getting closer and with it the sunny days. From a commercial point of view, the summer is mainly driven by two highlights, balances and periods spent on vacation. A third point is often forgotten: holidays. Indeed, whether in France or Belgium, at least two days are holidays: the national holiday (July 14 in France, July 21 in Belgium) and August 15.

One of the questions that arises during these periods is then: "How to push these highlights of the summer in the context of the local digital marketing of points of sale?". Brands and retailers are in the habit of preparing beautiful national campaigns, mainly to support sales, but sometimes tend to neglect the local situation of outlets.


Checkpoint 1: publish the opening hours of your local outlets

Summer is often synonymous with adaptation of opening hours. Indeed, whether during sales or in vacation locations, many outlets enjoy a greater presence of consumers to extend their hours of operation. This must of course be communicated. In the same context, the points of sale may be open 7 days a week, which is not the case during the year. These two types of schedules must initiate a modification of the standard opening hours, being planned for a period of several weeks, even months.

One of the moments not to be neglected: holidays. There are usually two in France and Belgium during the summer: the national holiday and August 15 (Assumption). These two days must be informed as exceptional hours. A particular point of attention must be brought to the hours of the national holiday this year. Indeed, this one taking place on a Saturday, usual the best business day in the points of sale, you risk to dissapoint a lot of potential customers in error if you do not indicate your hours.

Checkpoint 2: publish posts on local pages of your outlets.

Posts can be published with a series of objectives on three main media related to your points of sale: Google pages, Facebook and the local pages of your points of sale on the website.

When to know what content to publish, refer to the top topicals:

  • The brand: what campaign is carried out in all outlets over the period.
  • From the point of sale: how this campaign or a local activity is proposed within the point of sale.

Take the example of an active point of sale active in fashion that decides, during sales, to open until 21h instead of 19h. For this one, publish the subject of the national campaign (balances) and describe the atmosphere in the point of sale after 19h. This could be done, for example, by posting photos of customers trying on clothes in the early evening in a particular atmosphere that you decide to put in place during the period.

For its part, a restaurant brand that offers a terrace could uplift its local page by presenting a summer menu, linked with photos of the dishes offered. Then, if the terrace is open later, why not publish a photo of the ambience that customers might experience in case of late arrival.

Be creative and, above all, adapt your content of local actions.

Checkpoint 3: increase your local presence with local digital advertising

There are more and more opportunities to do local digital advertising. Already with Facebook or Adwords, you can create simple local campaigns that can have a goal of awareness or conversion.

Remember to identify the potential that your actions will have at the local level and see if they can benefit from a boost in terms of media. If you're managing your publishing geographies correctly, you can create high-performing local campaigns with little budget.

A last alternative is Waze. It is now possible to create campaigns in Waze, around your outlets. Think about it!

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