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The end of the year is near and so is the holiday season. This is an important period for lots of companies as Christmas and New Year are two major sale drivers for the end of the year. From special promotions to exclusive deals, brands are trying their best to make their products your future gift. And as for almost 90% of the people, customers will go check online before going on their shopping spree.

With Google being the favourite Search tool, there is no need to stress the importance of online visibility, especially within this period.

That’s why now more than ever, you should have a perfect visibility on Google and use al the potential of your Google My Business to show your audience what you’ve got!

As a reminder, Google My Business is a local page that will be displayed in Google when a nearby user searches for your business. It is thus capital that you provide your audience with correct information. Here is an example of a Google My Business page seen by users. On the right the search simply contains a business type and a location, on the left you see the results for the search of a brand name plus a location. 


Furthermore, a user looking for information on his smartphone will have additional possibilities on your Google My Business page like a call button and a button to request an itinerary. On Google Maps they will also have quicker access to your location’s reviews and ratings.

What elements should you focus on for this Holiday Season?

  1. Setting Your Special Opening Hours.

    With Google My Business you can set special hours for exceptional openings of your business. You can program this directly into your Google my business account. By doing this your opening hours will be set for special dates and remain the same for other days.

    When you set exceptional hours for public holidays, your audience will be notified with a green message saying that these are exceptional hours for that date. If, on the contrary, you don’t specify that your business is open on a public holiday your audience will see an orange message telling them that those opening hours may vary that day.
    In order to provide your audience with the right information it is thus important that you specify those exceptional hours.


  2. Attract and seduce your customers with Google Posts.

    It is one of Google’s latest and most important novelties of the 2017 for Google My Business.

    One of the advantages of a Google Post is the variety of calls to action you can use with your publication. (know more, buy, get a discount, ect) This means you can share different types of messages with your audience and redirect them to a relevant landing page when they click on it. You could share your promotions, events or even communicate your special opening hours for example!

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By Ambre