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Sometimes frenchified as “Vendredi Noir”, Black Friday really takes off on the internet, for example, important promotional that last for 24 hours or more. This commercial event is increasingly popular in France, England, Germany and Switzerland.

However, the original Black Friday focused on direct large promotions at point of sale in the United States, while Cyber Monday was dedicated to giving discounts on online sites.

Let's skip the definitions and vocabulary, if there is one thing to keep in mind, then it is that this will be the biggest weekend for the retail sector. Your field teams might be ready, but will customers and consumers be correctly informed online about your opening hours ...?

Why define special hours?

If you do not indicate specific hours on your local pages and establishments for these days, you give your customers a reason to doubt your actual availability. Consumers, whether accustomed or not, are more or less familiar with standard store hours, so they need to be comforted on special days such as Black Friday.

The definition of special hours is not limited to Google My Business. You can also set exceptional hours on Facebook or in smaller or sector-specific directories.

Tips for defining specific opening hours

Setting up your openings for Black Friday and other notable days or holidays is not very difficult. But for companies with dozens or hundreds of physical stores, it's different. Here are some tips:

Anticipate, start in advance...

We recommend that you set your specific hours 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Don't wait until the last minute or you potentially lose some of the customers planning their Black Friday purchases before the event.

Mention Black Friday on your website

Google's "local package" (on a map that shows 3 companies at the top position of organic results) has a text field to indicate that the local website or page from the point of sale mentions certain keywords. Add Black Friday to your website, with the appropriate designation scheme, to rate this request.

source : https://www.localseoguide.com

Optimize your GMB ads with Google Post

Google publications are the best way to inform Internet users about your specific hours. Create an event to publish your Black Friday schedule and create several items to highlight offers or discounts. Posts remains visible on the carousel for seven days after which they are entered into your history. Make sure you plan it correctly.

Bulk update for multiple point of sale marks

Updating the hours for each establishment, one by one, will last forever. Save time by making changes grouped using platforms like My Mobilosoft.

Aaah... the promos :))



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