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For several years, Google has been trying to make searching easier for its users by offering them the best experience possible. To keep a step ahead of your competitors, it’s important to be up-to-date and at the cutting edge with the new features Google may bring out in the future. So here are our Top 5 SEO changes:

1 - Take care of your content!

The most important thing on your website is still the content people find there. It needs to be top-quality (clear and useful) and must correspond to what web users have come looking for. Your content needs to be text, so that it can be properly listed (it must not be integrated in an image). Updating old content can also be a good idea.

 2 - Your site on mobile devices

These days, it’s essential to also have your website available in a mobile version, because since 2009, searches on mobile phones and tablets have been steadily increasing, and this trend is likely to continue. But your mobile website needs to be properly adapted, so that browsing is simple and fast.

3 - From text to voice searches!

Since the release of Siri on iPhone and Google Now on Android, voice searches have become the new way of searching. This new phenomenon does, however, have consequences for the listing of your site. We don’t speak the way we write! Written searches are shorter, whereas oral ones are more precise. So you should favour long-tail key words to boost your listing.

 4 - From local to hyperlocal

What’s hyperlocal? It's the link to information targeting a very precise, well-defined geographic community. It can be used to target nearby points of sale more precisely. This method is increasingly used to “personalise” the user’s search.

5 - Use of machines to get the best results

Google has recently begun using a function called “RankBrain”, which takes into account not only the listing method but also the user’s experience. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to better understand what the web user wants and is looking for. Information about the consumer’s search is recorded by RankBrain in order to improve its knowledge.

These 5 tips for your listing are the keys to success. They may require a lot of time and investment, but believe us, you’ll see the difference!