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Georges-Alexandre Hanin

Recent Posts

Web-to-store: five ideas for geo-targeted advertising during the holidays

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 09/06/16 17:32


Holidays are an intense period for Web-to-store activity. Two factors have a positive impact on Web-to-store traffic.

  1. Consumers are on holiday, so they have more time to go to points of sale. Whether it is in a shop or a restaurant, they will go out and enjoy their free time.
  2. They are often outside of their comfort zone, which means they know less about where they are and will search more about their environment on their smartphones.
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How to benefit from Waze during the holidays for your Web-to-Store

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 09/06/16 17:04


Waze is an application owned by Google: it is a GPS-based geographical navigation application program for smartphones. The advantage for users is not so much the navigation part, which is very similar to other applications such as Google Maps and TomTom. The main advantage is that the application is also a social network . A bit like Coyote, Waze also encourages users to share situations they encounter on the road, such as bottlenecks, road works or even police checks.
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Web-to-Store, how good are your point of sales on-line?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 08/06/16 11:59

Reliability of point-of-sale data is only 34%!

In the past few years, consumer behaviour has evolved significantly thanks to the increased use of the Internet and smartphones in particular. Not a month goes by without a new study showing the importance of local searches in consumer patterns. However, many retailers with large brick-and-mortar networks have still not integrated this aspect into their thinking. Thanks to the studies we’ve carried out in recent years, we have been able to show that the reliability of point-of-sale data on the Web is only 34%.

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Data issues, choose the right Web-to-Store Partner!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 08/06/16 11:50


Having correct data is one of the most overlooked issues in Web-to-Store initiatives for retail brands. Web-to-Store providers often don’t take the necessary time to explain what’s at stake in good data management. In this article, we will mainly discuss point-of-sale data, which may extend to other types of data, such as promotions, event information, etc.

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What is the Web-to-Store value?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 08/06/16 09:55


Web-to-Store is the branch of digital marketing aimed at using the Web to generate traffic in brick-and-mortar stores. This branch is becoming increasingly important, since according to many recent studies, the searches performed by consumers to find products or services are increasingly being done with a local intent. According to Google, nearly a third of searches on mobile devices have a local orientation (more info here). Since we know that half of all searches are done on smartphones, this gives us an idea of the potential of Web-to-Store.

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Outil Web-to-Store: recherches le long des itinéraires par Google Maps

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 27/05/16 08:35


Voici la description d’une nouvelle fonctionnalité de Google Maps qui fait du sens dans le cadre de l’analyse des comportements web-to-store: la recherche les long des itinéraires
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Google My Business in 2016: 29% more visibility and 60% more activation for your points of sale!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 25/05/16 18:01

Since early 2015, Mobilosoft has been collecting Google statistics for its clients. 

Using these statistics, we have built a mathematical model that enables us to estimate the traffic Google generates at points of sales. This model has been validated by several retailers and is used on a monthly basis to identify the actions to deploy in order to improve the local listing of retailers.

At the same time, this collection of statistics enables us to monitor Google usage trends among consumers. That's the subject of this article and the figures quoted come from a sample of more than 2,000 of our clients' points of sale, analysed monthly, and cover the first four months of the year.

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Snapchat : the new web-to-store tool for retailers

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 17/05/16 17:00

What is Snapchat ?

Developed by Stanford students, Snapchat is an app for sharing pictures & videos to your friends. The special feature is that there is a time limit to see the picture that your friends has sent you. Every picture or video is only available during a short period of time (1 to 10 sec).

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How is Facebook going to automate your web-to-store ?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 03/05/16 11:34

Since the Facebook Developer Conference (F8), it is what everybody is talking about. How and why robots created by the Social Media Genius are going to revolutionize the way retailers communicate with their customers?

Topics: Facebook
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La publicité locale dans Google Maps évolue!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 19/04/16 13:00

Attention, si vous utilisez les Adwords Locaux pour votre web-to-store ceci vous concerne. 

Dès la semaine prochaine, Google Maps fera partie du réseaux de recherche Google à part entière. Il ne sera plus considéré comme un site partenaire du Réseau de Recherche. Qu’est ce que cela change pour vous?

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