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Georges-Alexandre Hanin

Recent posts by Georges-Alexandre Hanin

2 min read

4 tips to fight against showrooming

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 30/03/15


Showrooming consists in going inside a physical store to see a product, to touch it and to receive advice from the seller. After that, consumers go online to buy the product at a more competitive price. This new trend is harmful to retailers who observe a decrease in their incomes. Stimulated by price differences, more than 31% of consumers would leave the store is they find a price difference of around 5%.

Showrooming is a threat for retailers but how can they face it? How can retailers hold back their shoppers?

Here are 4 tips to fight against showrooming!

1 min read

What’s a good store locator

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 24/03/15

A Store Locator is a tool to locate a physical outlet. It can be offered on a website (conventional or mobile) or a mobile application.

2 min read

How to setup Google My Business for Multiple stores Retail Chains

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 20/03/15

Why should you do this? To drive web-to-store traffic!

Google is the number one search engine used by consumers all around the world. And when these customers search for local products, services, or stores, there is a high probability that Google will be the first step of their search (the web impacts indeed 81% of all purchases).

After such a search, the user behavior will vary, but be sure that he'll look for discounts and for a place to buy what he intends to. The good news for brick & mortar Retail chains is that the probability he ends-up in a physical store is 88%.

It is then clear that your stores must be well positionned on the web!

Topics: Google My Business
3 min read

MWC Day 3 - Web-to-store, It is all about data!

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 4/03/15

Data is the key

If Retailers want to be successfull in the digital world, they need to be very good at managing their data! But this is probably the most complicated task they will need to carry on. At the Mobile World Congress, a huge majority of the company have, as a core business, the management of data. It is very often marketed on another way, but the core is always data. 

Yesterday, Rick Costanzo, Executive VP at SAP talked about the quantity of data that is produced every day. He mentionned an interesting statistic, the fact that "90% of the world's data has been produced over the last 2 years". And this is not about to stop. Imagine how many wearable devices are produced every day, how many pictures you take with your smartphone or how many information you register by using your connected devices. All this is part of this data creation. 

Topics: Web To Store & Strategy
1 min read

Push your coupons inside your stores thanks to ultrasounds

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 3/03/15

Another in-store couponing technology:

Copsonic, a French company is launching a new tool to deliver coupons inside stores. The solution is based on ultrasounds (we, human do not detect this signal). Ultrasounds are send eather through the music system of the store, eather by a device that may be easily placed inside the store.

To receive coupons, customers must be equiped with an App. Copsonic decided to create one App that will be valid for all stores (there is also a SDK available so that stores chains may include it inside their own App) so that the customers do not need to download an App for all Retailers. 

1 min read

Light Signals Create Coupons for web-to-store

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 3/03/15

Today in my search for new web-to-store ideas, I had the chance to met some tech guys from Fujitsu. They showed me an interesting technology that uses light signals to deliver coupons to smartphones. 

It is based on the fact that a smartphone can detect light signals modification that are not visible for humans. The variations of the signal integrate a code that may include any type of data such as a url or some content. It works a bit like Shazam, the light is replacing the sound.

Topics: Web To Store & Strategy
3 min read

MWC2015 For Retail - Part 1 - Mobile Payments for web-to-store

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 2/03/15

First steps in the event:

What an exciting first day at the Mobile World Congress! When I'm here, I feel a bit like a kid surrounded by so many great technology. Today, I've spend my time in the Hall 7 where the @Mobilosoft booth is located. And here, three main areas come out:

  1. Mobile devices (smartphones, smartwatches, etc.), produced by asian companies. While some initiatives are interesting in focusing on consumer usages (you may find the perfect smartphone for selfies makers or the best device to play games) I found other a bit chocking in the way they copy more established companies such as Apple or Google.
  2. Wearable devices: they are everywhere in the congress. The majority of the value propositions turns around helathcare or health monitoring technologies.
  3. Mobile POS systems for Retail Stores: there are plenty of solutions, I'll try to pick up the most interesting ones in my daily summary.
Topics: Web To Store & Strategy
1 min read

Tenez-vous au courant des nouveautés du Mobile World Congress

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 26/02/15

La semaine prochaine Mobilosoft sera au Mobile World Congress:

1 min read

Getting new ideas at the Mobile World Congress !

Par Georges-Alexandre Hanin le 26/02/15

Next Week, Mobilosoft will be at the Mobile World Congress: