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Store Locator: review of good practices

By Ambre on 08/03/18 13:54

A Store Locator is a must-have for any web-to-store strategy, as it helps locate a business’s physical points of sale on its website. Functioning based on geo-location or user request, it displays the points of sale near the user’s position or in a place specified by them.

Topics: Store Locator
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How come the number of local interactions between stores and the online community is constantly on the rise?

By Ambre on 05/03/18 17:01

By ‘local interactions’ we point to all interactions and information exchanges between stores and consumers. Furthermore, local marketing is getting more and more attention and it becomes a priority to manage those interactions in order to maintain a good online reputation.

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It is time to plan your Google posts for Purim !

By Ambre on 12/02/18 14:06

As for many seasonal holidays, Purim is an important sales period for many companies. During this period it is key to have a good visibility and a clear communication about your special deals and promotions to boost your sales. Thanks to the my.mobilosoft platform, you can share your promotions on each Google local of your network through the Google Posts.

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Google My Business, what’s this?

By Ambre on 29/01/18 12:01

Google My Business is Google’s platform allowing businesses to manage their local presence. This will enable a company to manage how her business is shown within Google and Google Maps results. Furthermore it allows a company to display all crucial information about a point of sale (opening hours, itinerary, reviews,...) within those results.

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User guide : How to claim your Local Page on Facebook?

By Ambre on 22/01/18 13:55

Nowadays companies can display their shops on Facebook thanks to Facebook Local Pages. Those Local Pages can be managed from the corporate Facebook Page. However, sometimes you’ll notice that your location is already published on Facebook Local Pages. Therefore Facebook created a claim system in order to gain ownership of your Local Page back.

Topics: Facebook
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New Feature within Google My Business: Upload native videos to your Business page

By Ambre on 11/01/18 15:12

Until today, you had to have a YouTube account linked to your Google My Business account in order to display videos hosted on YouTube on your Business Page. Today Google is working a an important update that allows you to upload a video directly from your computer, mobile or tablet.

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Tutorial : How to validate your locations on Google

By Ambre on 11/01/18 10:58

Google My Business is a tool that allows companies to manage their data on Google and Google Maps. Before managing your location’s data, you must confirm to Google that you are the legitimate owner of this location (or administrator).

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News : A new way of presenting your Businesses Within Google

By Ambre on 14/12/17 11:29

Google began merging the information available on the Google pages of big companies (On the right of your screen) with the local information of their stores displayed in the Local Pack. (specific space for local searches). You can find additional information on this topic in our next article.

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Boost your sales during the holiday season: optimise your local Google Page(s) right away !

By Ambre on 12/12/17 09:45

The end of the year is near and so is the holiday season. This is an important period for lots of companies as Christmas and New Year are two major sale drivers for the end of the year. From special promotions to exclusive deals, brands are trying their best to make their products your future gift. And as for almost 90% of the people, customers will go check online before going on their shopping spree.

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How can you ask your customers for reviews?

By Ambre on 14/11/17 16:31

The wide majority of people searching for information on a specific store/location will definitely check the reviews left by other users. Furthermore, those reviews can be checked at all times and by everyone. In this article we will give you more information about how and why community managers should encourage users to leave reviews.

Topics: Reviews
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