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Ready? Don’t waste your time and click here to be part of this exclusive week!

By Ambre on 3/05/19

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The Virtuology International group is a reference for many customers in Belgium and elsewhere!

By Ambre on 30/04/19

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Dynamic Creative Optimisation. Is it an era of ultra personalization?

By Ambre on 26/04/19

For our last day, Anthony Henrotte, Co-Founder and Production Director of broadkat will help us understand how Dynamic Creative Optimisation is an era of ultra personalization.

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"Inspire action through visual expression of your brand”

By Ambre on 24/04/19

On Wednesday 8th of May, our Senior Social Advertising Expert at blue2purple, @Antoine Struelens will explain to you how you could unlock the business potential of Instagram for your business.

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“How to demystify Amazon Market Place ? How to use Amazon audience in order to increase your sales online ?”

By Ambre on 19/04/19

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"Local Mobile Search is booming for all categories in retail with a 75% conversion in 24h!"

By Ambre on 18/04/19

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Be ready for the Virtuology Digital Week 2nd edition!

By Ambre on 15/04/19

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What is Google’s next step ?

By Ambre on 1/04/19

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How to use Google Posts to attract more visitors during Labor Day?

By Ambre on 29/03/19

Labor Day is quickly approaching and consumers will want to find interesting things to purchase during this day. This is the perfect timing to inform them about offers, discounts or events that your stores are likely to offer.

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How location based advertising drives your business to success

By Ambre on 28/03/19

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