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A good web-to-store strategy consists in attracting Internet users to your stores. But did you know many companies simply cannot achieve this?


According to a study conducted by Google in August 2015, 1 in 3 smarpthone users end up buying from another brand than the one they originally considered. Why? Simply because this other brand provided the information they were looking for at the time they were using their smartphone.

Business, are you up there?



Where is your brand? To find out, nothing is more simple: grab your smartphone and search for the products or services you provide. What do you see?
Are you in the first results for local searches? In the local ads displayed on that same page?
And if the customer clicks on your store, do they find the correct business hours? The proper directions? Information on product availability?

Steal customers from the competition

If your stores are well positioned in the search results, and you provide pertinent information to Internet users, you will have the opportunity to shine. And to acquire new customers: according to the same study, over half of Internet users discovered a brand they did not know while looking things up on their smartphones.