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Generate traffic in your establishments with Mobilosoft and Trustpilot :)

[Infographic] What is local SEO?

User guide : How to claim your Local Page on Facebook?

Google My Business news: Publish your information before your listings being validated

Should you involve each one of your outlets in the management of their customer reviews?

Google deploys a tool to know the status of your My Business listings

The impact of customer reviews on point-of-sale visits

[Study] Impact of Google My Business on your telecom stores in 2019

[Study] Impact of Google My Business on your Parapharmacies and Beauty stores in 2019

[Study] Impact of Google My Business on your Automotive stores in 2019

[Study] Impact of Google My Business on Home and Garden sector in 2019

[Study] Impact of Google My Business in your stores in 2019

[Infographic] Back to work 2019: take a look at your retail calendar!

[Study] Impact of Google My Business on your restaurants in 2019

[Study] Impact of Google My Business on your bank and insurance agencies in 2019

[Study] Impact of Google My Business on your supermarkets in 2019

Check your Google My Business listings for back to school!

Attract new visitors to your stores with Mobilosoft & Waze :)

Google My Business FAQs: Improving Suggested Answers on Your Business Listings

[Study] The "digital" touch points of physical stores on Google My Business rose by nearly 70% in the first half of 2019

News: Edit your business info from the Google Maps iOS app

Facebook Locations, the digital showcase of your physical stores

The latest Google features that will enhance your stores presence

How can you take advantage of Google's affinity score to attract consumers to your businesses?

It's summer, here is the checklist for your local digital marketing

How Waze leads customers into your outlets?

We are eager to see you next year at our #VDWEEK2020!

The "Follow" feature of Business Maps in Google Maps continues to extend!

Amazon? Ok I know it from a consumer perspective. Etail Distribution demystifyed it today at our #VDWEEK2019

Here we are!!! Starting our Virtuology Digital Week 2019 right with a supergroup!! 🚀💥

Ready? Don’t waste your time and click here to be part of this exclusive week!

The Virtuology International group is a reference for many customers in Belgium and elsewhere!

Dynamic Creative Optimisation. Is it an era of ultra personalization?

"Inspire action through visual expression of your brand”

“How to demystify Amazon Market Place ? How to use Amazon audience in order to increase your sales online ?”

"Local Mobile Search is booming for all categories in retail with a 75% conversion in 24h!"

Be ready for the Virtuology Digital Week 2nd edition!

What is Google’s next step ?

How to use Google Posts to attract more visitors during Labor Day?

How location based advertising drives your business to success

How digital marketing drives startups to success

Spring is coming soon: Set your exceptional opening hours now

Google is expanding its search partner network and incorporating youtube

Batibouw, The imm Cologne and counterparts: How to promote your participation on Google and Facebook local pages?

Valentine's Day and upcoming dates: How to boost visits to your businesses with Google My Business and Waze?

[White paper] Practical Guide for local referencing

Omnichannel in 2018

One of the challenges for retailers in 2018 : Measure the impact of their omni-channel marketing!

How do we go about doing Web-to-Store?

You will finally get a Response Notification from Google!

Retailers: Which tools can I use to measure Online to Offline conversions?

Do you know how Google measures your in store traffic?

Digital Advertising : Did you knew that your franchisees/ points of sale pay management fees up to 45%-83% to their local marketing agencies?

What is O2O traffic?

How to set a Facebook Places page for your Point of Sale?

Google launched a new format for Video Ads!

Google Maps is using Businesses as landmarks to guide it's drivers!

Google my business adds services for all types of businesses

Google Posts: Share content directly on your Google My Business page

Store Locator: review of good practices

How come the number of local interactions between stores and the online community is constantly on the rise?

How can you help your local stores answering their incoming reviews ?

It is time to plan your Google posts for Purim !

Google My Business, what’s this?

New Feature within Google My Business: Upload native videos to your Business page

Tutorial : How to validate your locations on Google

News : A new way of presenting your Businesses Within Google

Boost your sales during the holiday season: optimise your local Google Page(s) right away !

How can you ask your customers for reviews?

How to manage your reviews and why?

6 Best practices to manage your local e-reputation efficiently!

What are micro-moments and how do they generate traffic through Google My Business?

Mobilosoft will take part to 2017 Paris Retail Week!

When virtual assistants creep into consumers’ lives

Companies organized around a points of sale network : increase your Internet visibility for a better web-to-store conversions with Google My Business

Join us for a breakfast flavoured with Click & Collect and e-reservation!

Google My Business: How do you disable e-mail notifications telling you that a Google Post is about to expire?

Google My Business: 9 tips for great performance with Google Posts

Mobile-to-store: Three out of four consumers go to a store within 24 hours of doing a local search!

New products for the autumn return? Does your website make it easy to “locate” them?

Web-to-Store: 9 marketing actions that retailers can put in place for the back-to-school period

Become a listing pro: 5 tips to improve your site!

How can retailers with brick-and-mortar stores make ROPO an integral part of their marketing strategy?

7 tips for engaging consumers who aren't taking a summer holiday

6 Web-to-Store tips for attracting holidaymakers to your points of sale during the summer

Why use an “Actions Locator” during the summer holidays for your Web-to-Store?

Web-to-Store: 4 ideas for geolocation-based advertising during the holidays

Is it possible to put a logo in place of a geolocation pin on an interactive digital map (Google Maps, for instance)?

Google local results: consumers’ online reviews to be translated automatically

Store Locator : why is it essential in the web-to-store strategy of your business ?

How can you trigger your online customers to go to a specific point of sale with your Store Locator ?

How can you use the precious data generated by your Store Locator ?

Did you know that the majority of consumers take customer reviews into account?

How to implement an effective stores reputation management on your website?

How Google’s « Local Guides » impact your local web visibility

Mobilosoft will take part to 2017 Mobile World Congress...

Google Maps users to see car park availability near their destination

A new Store Locator for Carrefour by Mobilosoft !

What will the Web-To-Store look like in 2017 ?

Google My Business : What you need to do to improve your local ranking ?

A look back at 2016

Local Pack: Google lets you filter local search results

Google My Business: New features for the end of 2016

Google tests a chat function in local search results

Web-to-store: five ideas for geo-targeted advertising during the holidays

How to benefit from Waze during the holidays for your Web-to-Store

Web-to-Store, how good are your point of sales on-line?

Data issues, choose the right Web-to-Store Partner!

What is the Web-to-Store value?

Outil Web-to-Store: recherches le long des itinéraires par Google Maps

Google My Business in 2016: 29% more visibility and 60% more activation for your points of sale!

Snapchat : the new web-to-store tool for retailers

How is Facebook going to automate your web-to-store ?

Facebook offers: An asset for your points of sale

SEO optimisation: Don’t forget to be mobile friendly!

Are you discouraging customers even before they enter your store?

Web-to-store: How to ask your customers for a review on Google My Business?

Medi-Market partners with Mobilosoft for a Web-to-Store initiative

Web-to-store: Five reasons why online reviews are crucial for your points of sale

Local listing of your points of sale: There's something new at Google!

e-wego joins Mobilosoft !

Facebook launches two new web-to-store tools

Advertising: what if you were throwing money out the window?

Will Google show your special opening hours?

The importance of reviews for your web-to-store strategy

Increase sales by 120% with a good web-to-store strategy?

Use geo-targeted advertising to increase your web-to-store traffic

Inadequate Web-to-Store experience? Disgruntled customer! 

Google Snack Pack: What impact on your Web-to-Store traffic?

The price of not being on Google My Business: no web-to-store

Promotions: the English supermarket chain Waitrose dares to offer discounts "on demand"

Internet and smartphones: New tools to bring web-to-store traffic

Is web-to-store your point of sale's friend? An epic fail proves the point

Web-to-store: On what sites should you list your points of sale?

Double the visibility of your points of sale with Google My Business?

Google My Business: Five good reasons to regularly check the information about your points of sale

Web-to-store: an augmented reality on holiday!

Web-to-store - Internet is your point of sale's best ally

E-tickets vs M-tickets, difference and benefits for consumers

How to solve the biggest problems with duplicate google my business

4 tips to fight against showrooming

What’s a good store locator

How to setup Google My Business for Multiple stores Retail Chains

MWC Day 3 - Web-to-store, It is all about data!

Push your coupons inside your stores thanks to ultrasounds

Light Signals Create Coupons for web-to-store

MWC2015 For Retail - Part 1 - Mobile Payments for web-to-store

Tenez-vous au courant des nouveautés du Mobile World Congress

Getting new ideas at the Mobile World Congress !

Web-to-store leads to a lower CPM