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We are eager to see you next year at our #VDWEEK2020!

By Ambre on 28/05/19 12:45

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The "Follow" feature of Business Maps in Google Maps continues to extend!

By Ambre on 21/05/19 13:59

A few months ago Google has introduced the button "Follow" on the pages of the location present in Google Maps. This feature allows users to view publications from their favorite places in one place. Originally this “call to action” was only available in some countries via Android. But lately we have seen that more and more Google My Business Pages are affected, including iOS.

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Amazon? Ok I know it from a consumer perspective. Etail Distribution demystifyed it today at our #VDWEEK2019

By Ambre on 07/05/19 16:40

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Here we are!!! Starting our Virtuology Digital Week 2019 right with a supergroup!! 🚀💥

By Ambre on 06/05/19 15:38

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Ready? Don’t waste your time and click here to be part of this exclusive week!

By Ambre on 03/05/19 14:50

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The Virtuology International group is a reference for many customers in Belgium and elsewhere!

By Ambre on 30/04/19 10:55

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Dynamic Creative Optimisation. Is it an era of ultra personalization?

By Ambre on 26/04/19 10:58

For our last day, Anthony Henrotte, Co-Founder and Production Director of broadkat will help us understand how Dynamic Creative Optimisation is an era of ultra personalization.

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"Inspire action through visual expression of your brand”

By Ambre on 24/04/19 12:46

On Wednesday 8th of May, our Senior Social Advertising Expert at blue2purple, @Antoine Struelens will explain to you how you could unlock the business potential of Instagram for your business.

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“How to demystify Amazon Market Place ? How to use Amazon audience in order to increase your sales online ?”

By Ambre on 19/04/19 11:33

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"Local Mobile Search is booming for all categories in retail with a 75% conversion in 24h!"

By Ambre on 18/04/19 10:39

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Be ready for the Virtuology Digital Week 2nd edition!

By Ambre on 15/04/19 12:23

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What is Google’s next step ?

By Ambre on 01/04/19 11:36

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How to use Google Posts to attract more visitors during Labor Day?

By Ambre on 29/03/19 15:45

Labor Day is quickly approaching and consumers will want to find interesting things to purchase during this day. This is the perfect timing to inform them about offers, discounts or events that your stores are likely to offer.

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How location based advertising drives your business to success

By Ambre on 28/03/19 12:45

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How digital marketing drives startups to success

By Ambre on 21/03/19 11:25

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Spring is coming soon: Set your exceptional opening hours now

By Ambre on 08/03/19 14:28

This year Easter, Labor Day, Ascension and Pentecost all fall on a weekday. Another reason for retailers to correctly set the specific opening hours of their points of sale on the Internet.

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Google is expanding its search partner network and incorporating youtube

By Ambre on 07/03/19 17:22

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Batibouw, The imm Cologne and counterparts: How to promote your participation on Google and Facebook local pages?

By Ambre on 25/02/19 12:13

While the historic Belgian Batibouw fair opened its doors, it was worth recalling the importance of these events dedicated to interior design and adjoining actors. In a national or even an international context these specialized meetings are an opportunity to retain or attract a new clientele for major brands in the market (mixing furniture, decoration, DIY, appliances ...) and more specialized chain stores (kitchen, home decorators, bedding specialist..).

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Valentine's Day and upcoming dates: How to boost visits to your businesses with Google My Business and Waze?

By Ambre on 11/02/19 11:30

Like others, Valentine's Day is a special day of the year. For couples, families, relatives is (in theory) a moment of love and sharing, but for chains of shops and restaurants it is especially a great opportunity to attract new customers. Valentine’s Day is just one of the opportunities to use as we know that throughout the year, users are looking for information and advice on places to (re) visit. So you have a double opportunity to use for your marketing communication.

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[White paper] Practical Guide for local referencing

By Ambre on 03/01/19 10:15

The question of referencing local points of sales on the internet is directly linked to the boost of “local internet search” during the last years. This white paper explains why and how to improve your referencing your points of sales of your brand on the internet. In other words, how to optimise your local SEO.

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Are your Google My Business location pages up to date and completed to be ready for "back to school"?

By Ambre on 13/08/18 10:32

With its “local info page”, Google My Business ensures the online presence of your points of sale in Google searches, in Google Maps and on all other Google services. It’s one of the main media to master as part of your Web-to- Store activities.

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Omnichannel in 2018

By Ambre on 17/07/18 10:46

Omnichannel is a marketing philosophy where the goal is to put the customer at the center of the marketing strategy. Because today users, consumers want to buy from different type of media, different type of device : sometimes they go in store, sometimes they buy on a smartphone or on a PC.

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One of the challenges for retailers in 2018 : Measure the impact of their omni-channel marketing!

By Ambre on 12/07/18 16:49

One of the key elements of omnichannel marketing is to measure the success of the action you do. Today we have series of measurements you can apply to measure the the output, based on specific results and on a purchase.

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How do we go about doing Web-to-Store?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 28/06/18 15:37

Web-to-Store has become a common expression for businesses with retail networks. Whether the stores are company-run or operated by franchisees, it's cool to talk about Web-to-Store or to do Web-to-Store. However, this expression remains vague, vast and poorly understood by most marketers working in retail sales networks. We are receiving more and more questions such as: “what is Web-to-Store exactly?” and “How do we go about doing Web-to-Store?”

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The Summer is coming, here's the checklist for your local digital marketing

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 15/06/18 14:39

The summer period is getting closer and with it the sunny days. From a commercial point of view, the summer is mainly driven by two highlights, balances and periods spent on vacation. A third point is often forgotten: holidays. Indeed, whether in France or Belgium, at least two days are holidays: the national holiday (July 14 in France, July 21 in Belgium) and August 15.

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You will finally get a Response Notification from Google!

By Diego Wauters on 23/05/18 07:16

This new Google Update will please most of us as it actually enables users to get a notification when you answer to their review through Google My Business ! 

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Retailers: Which tools can I use to measure Online to Offline conversions?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 15/05/18 17:03

In order to access the O2O metrics (In-store visits, in-store sales,...) of your business, you have to put 2 Google products into work. Google My Business, in which you can manage your location properly and Adwords for the launch of your local campaigns. Then we can extrapolate those results and start making conclusions.

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Do you know how Google measures your in store traffic?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 11/05/18 10:35

One of the main challenges of Retail organisation is the ability to measure in store traffic and assess where it is coming from. It is often hard to attribute an in-store visit to a specific marketing action. It is thus complicated to understand and optimize O2O (online-to-Offline) conversions.

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Digital Advertising : Did you knew that your franchisees/ points of sale pay management fees up to 45%-83% to their local marketing agencies?

By Ambre on 08/05/18 11:49

At Mobilosoft, we are often on the field with our partners and have contacts with franchisees and local teams on a regular basis. For a few months we have been discussing media buying with them. And the conclusion is that a lot of franchisees and local teams have been approached by local marketing agencies for local campaigns. Facebook Ads, Adwords or even Waze Campaigns, we are seeing a growing number of solutions that are sold pretty easily to local points of sale.

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What is O2O traffic?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 26/04/18 13:47

Have you ever searched for online information before you physically went to a store? In 2018, the answer to this question is probably yes. Indeed, multiple analyses and studies have proven that this is a habit for more than 75% of consumers : Searching information online and purchasing in the physical store afterwards (source: http::/www.consumerbarometer.com).

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How to set a Facebook Places page for your Point of Sale?

By Ambre on 26/04/18 10:22

Do you manage multiple points of sale? Are you present or willing to be present on Facebook? In this case, a simple fan page won’t do.. In this article we’ll identify how to set an adequate page for your businesses using Facebook Places pages. This is currently the best way to connect with you local audience on Facebook.

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Google launched a new format for Video Ads!

By Diego Wauters on 25/04/18 17:17

Google just launched a new video format that will be very useful to advertisers!

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Google Maps is using Businesses as landmarks to guide it's drivers!

By Diego Wauters on 23/04/18 16:45

'Turn left after Mc Donald's' , if you frequently use Google Maps you might have heard the same indications! 

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Google my business adds services for all types of businesses

By Ambre on 16/04/18 15:18

In order to add services to your business in Google Maps or Google Search, you had to be a restaurant to access this feature. But Google enabled this feature for all types of businesses! Until now only restaurants could edit their menu the way the wanted, without having to follow the suggestions made by Google My Business.

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Google Posts: Share content directly on your Google My Business page

By Ambre on 30/03/18 10:24

Topic overview:

1. How will my Google Post appear in Google Search and Google Maps? >
2. The different types of content your can share with a Google Post >
3. The Google Post, at the heart of your digital local strategy >
4. Tutorials from Mobilosoft >
5. Inspiration and Cases >

Google My Business is the leading platform to manage the visibility of your shop, restaurant, agency or business within Google. One of the most important features of Google My Business is the Google Post, which allows you to share local content on the Google My Business page of your business.

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Store Locator: review of good practices

By Ambre on 08/03/18 13:54

A Store Locator is a must-have for any web-to-store strategy, as it helps locate a business’s physical points of sale on its website. Functioning based on geo-location or user request, it displays the points of sale near the user’s position or in a place specified by them.

Topics: Store Locator
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How come the number of local interactions between stores and the online community is constantly on the rise?

By Ambre on 05/03/18 17:01

By ‘local interactions’ we point to all interactions and information exchanges between stores and consumers. Furthermore, local marketing is getting more and more attention and it becomes a priority to manage those interactions in order to maintain a good online reputation.

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How can you help your local stores answering their incoming reviews ?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 05/03/18 10:08

If you decided to let your local store managers handle their online reviews, you have to make sure they follow a set of rules and use the right tone of voice to avoid putting the brand name in harm’s way.

Topics: Reviews
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It is time to plan your Google posts for Purim !

By Ambre on 12/02/18 14:06

As for many seasonal holidays, Purim is an important sales period for many companies. During this period it is key to have a good visibility and a clear communication about your special deals and promotions to boost your sales. Thanks to the my.mobilosoft platform, you can share your promotions on each Google local of your network through the Google Posts.

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Google My Business, what’s this?

By Ambre on 29/01/18 12:01

Google My Business is Google’s platform allowing businesses to manage their local presence. This will enable a company to manage how her business is shown within Google and Google Maps results. Furthermore it allows a company to display all crucial information about a point of sale (opening hours, itinerary, reviews,...) within those results.

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User guide : How to claim your Local Page on Facebook?

By Ambre on 22/01/18 13:55

Nowadays companies can display their shops on Facebook thanks to Facebook Local Pages. Those Local Pages can be managed from the corporate Facebook Page. However, sometimes you’ll notice that your location is already published on Facebook Local Pages. Therefore Facebook created a claim system in order to gain ownership of your Local Page back.

Topics: Facebook
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New Feature within Google My Business: Upload native videos to your Business page

By Ambre on 11/01/18 15:12

Until today, you had to have a YouTube account linked to your Google My Business account in order to display videos hosted on YouTube on your Business Page. Today Google is working a an important update that allows you to upload a video directly from your computer, mobile or tablet.

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Tutorial : How to validate your locations on Google

By Ambre on 11/01/18 10:58

Google My Business is a tool that allows companies to manage their data on Google and Google Maps. Before managing your location’s data, you must confirm to Google that you are the legitimate owner of this location (or administrator).

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News : A new way of presenting your Businesses Within Google

By Ambre on 14/12/17 11:29

Google began merging the information available on the Google pages of big companies (On the right of your screen) with the local information of their stores displayed in the Local Pack. (specific space for local searches). You can find additional information on this topic in our next article.

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Boost your sales during the holiday season: optimise your local Google Page(s) right away !

By Ambre on 12/12/17 09:45

The end of the year is near and so is the holiday season. This is an important period for lots of companies as Christmas and New Year are two major sale drivers for the end of the year. From special promotions to exclusive deals, brands are trying their best to make their products your future gift. And as for almost 90% of the people, customers will go check online before going on their shopping spree.

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How can you ask your customers for reviews?

By Ambre on 14/11/17 16:31

The wide majority of people searching for information on a specific store/location will definitely check the reviews left by other users. Furthermore, those reviews can be checked at all times and by everyone. In this article we will give you more information about how and why community managers should encourage users to leave reviews.

Topics: Reviews
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How to manage your reviews and why?

By Ambre on 14/11/17 15:01

Google my Business is the most used service when it comes to Reviews and Ratings. In order to optimise your e-reputation properly you should definitely manage your Reviews on this media. Learn more on to how you should manage your reviews and how you can exploit the functionalities of Google my Business.

Topics: Reviews
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Point of sale online/e-reputation : Should you involve the store managers?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 14/11/17 12:24

Recent studies show us that the customers use online ratings to determine which shop they will go to. In this study , you will find intresting figures. One of which tells us that 90% of the customers will read less than 10 reviews to make up his mind when looking online.

Topics: Reviews
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6 Best practices to manage your local e-reputation efficiently!

By Ambre on 10/11/17 14:01

No matter which activity branch you’re in, your online reputation widely depends on the customers experience and the reviews and ranking they attribute to your store. Depending on how you act, those review can be a boost for your business or a menace as well. Dear Community Managers, here are the key steps to an effective review management!

Topics: Reviews
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What are micro-moments and how do they generate traffic through Google My Business?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 05/10/17 12:04

In digital marketing, micro-moments are defined by the likes of Google as short specific periods of time which consumers spend on their mobile phones or tablets during the day.

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Mobilosoft will take part to 2017 Paris Retail Week!

By Ambre on 24/08/17 14:58

The third Paris Retail Week has been launched! Date: Tuesday 19 - Thursday 21 September 2017, Venue: Pavilion 7.3, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Paris Retail Week brings together in a single event: E-Commerce Paris, cross-channel event anywhere in Europe and Digital(in)Store, devoted to the digitisation of points of sale and distribution.

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When virtual assistants creep into consumers’ lives

By Ambre on 18/08/17 10:47

Whether they're called Google Home, Alexa, Siri or Cortana, virtual assistants will be (and already are) the technology consumers will be interacting with when they search for products and services, read the news or want entertainment. The era of the virtual assistant is subtly replacing the mobile search era, with voice as its leading argument.

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Companies organized around a points of sale network : increase your Internet visibility for a better web-to-store conversions with Google My Business

By Ambre on 17/08/17 16:55

Google My Business is the Google's service offering web visibility to physical stores to appear in its local search results. As part of a web-to-store marketing strategy, it is essential for points of sale to manage information in Google My Business to be present in Google Search and Google Maps. Your visibility will depend on the competition and the quality of your information.

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Join us for a breakfast flavoured with Click & Collect and e-reservation!

By Ambre on 10/08/17 11:16

In conjunction with its partner Proximis, Mobilosoft is delighted to be able to invite you to a breakfast taking place on Tuesday 5 September. This gathering will include the presentation of new web-to-store tips and tools.

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Google My Business: How do you disable e-mail notifications telling you that a Google Post is about to expire?

By Ambre on 04/08/17 10:01

For a few weeks now, local businesses have been able to write and publish posts on their local My Business listings (visible in Google Search and Google Maps). Google Posts are displayed for seven days before they disappear, and an e-mail alert is automatically sent just before they are about to expire.

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Google My Business: 9 tips for great performance with Google Posts

By Ambre on 27/07/17 13:35

A recent arrival on the scene, Google Posts is a function that lets you post messages daily on local My Business listings in Google Search and Google Maps. Since this launch, we have put together new information that will help you manage these posts.

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Mobile-to-store: Three out of four consumers go to a store within 24 hours of doing a local search!

By Ambre on 27/07/17 11:03

That’s what a recent Google study entitled “Bienvenue dans l’ère de l’assistance”, or “Welcome to the Era of Assistance”, reveals. Through this survey, we can see the importance of mobile searches in the customer journey, and in particular the attention that needs to be paid to web-to-store behaviours in the marketing strategy of multi-POS businesses.

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New products for the autumn return? Does your website make it easy to “locate” them?

By Marine Cherbut on 04/07/17 11:31

Before visiting a point of sale, most consumers take a look at the company’s website, first and foremost to discover which establishments have a particular product or service. However, many brands’ sites are not sufficiently optimised to cater for this type of request..

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Web-to-Store: 9 marketing actions that retailers can put in place for the back-to-school period

By Marine Cherbut on 22/06/17 11:02

Consumers get back to their habitual activities in September. Please find some ideas for retail companies to take on the return from summer holidays. 

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Become a listing pro: 5 tips to improve your site!

By Marine Cherbut on 20/06/17 14:30


For several years, Google has been trying to make searching easier for its users by offering them the best experience possible. To keep a step ahead of your competitors, it’s important to be up-to-date and at the cutting edge with the new features Google may bring out in the future. So here are our Top 5 SEO changes:

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How can retailers with brick-and-mortar stores make ROPO an integral part of their marketing strategy?

By Ambre on 19/06/17 17:19

ROPO is the acronym for “Research Online, Purchase Offline”. From the consumer’s point of view, it refers to the very common habit of getting info about products or services on the web, and then transforming this interest into a “physical purchase”.

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How poor communication with your franchisees and branches can compromise your Web-to-Store efforts..

By Ambre on 13/06/17 08:02

At Mobilosoft, we see a lot of retailers - too many – who make the mistake of deploying their Web-to-Store projects unilaterally, without sharing the relevant information with their points of sale.

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7 tips for engaging consumers who aren't taking a summer holiday

By Ambre on 23/05/17 07:37


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6 Web-to-Store tips for attracting holidaymakers to your points of sale during the summer

By Ambre on 23/05/17 07:24


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Why use an “Actions Locator” during the summer holidays for your Web-to-Store?

By Ambre on 22/05/17 17:52

For brands from numerous sectors such as hotel & catering, supermarkets, health & beauty, ready-to-wear fashion, household appliances, etc., the summer and sales periods are ideal times to highlight promotions and offers on the “local web”, in order to generate more traffic in their stores.

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Web-to-Store: 4 ideas for geolocation-based advertising during the holidays

By Ambre on 22/05/17 17:00

Summer is an intense period for Web-to-Store activity. Consumers are on holiday, so they have time on their hands and will probably spend a chunk of this time on social media using their smartphones.

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Facebook: what’s the benefit for a brand of creating local pages for its stores from a Web-to-Store perspective?

By Ambre on 11/05/17 08:00

Facebook offers a special application for the listing of points of sale on its site and apps: Facebook Locations. Local stores can create a ‘Locations’-type page that then allows them to highlight their info (address, opening hours, contact details, offers, specific content, etc.).

Topics: Facebook
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Is it possible to put a logo in place of a geolocation pin on an interactive digital map (Google Maps, for instance)?

By Ambre on 09/05/17 17:21

The geolocation pin is the design element of a map (Store Locator) that points to the precise position of your physical point of sale.

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Google local results: consumers’ online reviews to be translated automatically

By Ambre on 09/05/17 16:52

Google has decided to put in place a new functionality allowing the automatic translation of online reviews into the language set on a user’s PC or mobile device. From now on, when they use Google Maps or Google Search to find a location, the reviews will be translated automatically.

Topics: Reviews
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Store Locator : why is it essential in the web-to-store strategy of your business ?

By Ambre on 24/03/17 13:57

Research is the first step of the customer’s journey and we all know that a vaste majority of consumers are going on online (proximity, opening hours, reviews, directions, etc.) before deciding where to. A Store locator is a module for your website, it enables consumers to locate your physical stores and guarantees a good visibility in local search results.

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How can you trigger your online customers to go to a specific point of sale with your Store Locator ?

By Ambre on 24/03/17 13:56

Consumers use a lot of online media to make research on your points of sale. Your Store Locator must be optimised technically to appear in the first local search results. One they found it you have to make sure your Store Locator is also optimised : you should test every aspect of your store locator to make sure it looks appealing and triggers your customers to go to your point of sale.

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How can you use the precious data generated by your Store Locator ?

By Ambre on 24/03/17 13:56

One of the advantages of internet today is that we can measure and analyse the consumer’s behaviour, which you can also do with your Store Locator. However, companies collect such amounts of data nowadays that they can sometimes lose sight of which data is important. The term “big data”, illustrates this reality perfectly…

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Did you know that the majority of consumers take customer reviews into account?

By Ambre on 15/03/17 00:27

It’s not new, consumers surf on the web before going in store: 85% do local request to obtain store’s information that are relevant to them (source: ropo.fr). And 84% trust in reviews and ratings published by customers (source: brand-advocacy.fr).

Topics: Reviews
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How to correctly manage reviews and ratings published by customers?

By Ambre on 15/03/17 00:26

Google treats 500 million local requests every day from which 250 million result in an in-store-visits (source: inc.com). Your local businesses have to be visible in these results to generate more turnover. This visibility is due to an optimised management of published reviews by your customers...

Topics: Reviews
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How to implement an effective stores reputation management on your website?

By Ambre on 15/03/17 00:26

Customer reviews management can be constraining: you have to deal with several media to cover multiple point of sales. On the other side, local managers are keen to spend time to optimise their strategy to generate more results. In this context Mobilosoft developed a tool to simplify the management of the local stores e-reputation.

Topics: Reviews
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How Google’s « Local Guides » impact your local web visibility

By Ambre on 07/03/17 16:53

Google Maps lets his users describe the places they visit. The most active users earn a badge on their profile image as well as the « Local Guide » attribute displayed under their name. Millions of potential consumers rely on these contributions to choose their favourite establishment or ctivities, offering those points of sale an outstanding visibility...

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Mobilosoft will take part to 2017 Mobile World Congress...

By Ambre on 16/02/17 10:15

Mobilosoft will take part to the Mobile World Congress later this month :

MWC will begin in Barcelona on Monday, 27th of February. This event is the biggest event around Mobile Technologies in the world. Many topics will be discussed and presented during the congress, among others: mobile marketing, local marketing, geolocation applications and many more.

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Google Maps users to see car park availability near their destination

By Ambre on 09/02/17 11:36

Currently beta testing across a limited number of US cities, this new function will provide additional assistance to drivers using Google Maps and will help generate traffic towards brands’ stores.

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A new Store Locator for Carrefour by Mobilosoft !

By Ambre on 31/01/17 14:15

Today, 85% of consumers look up information about businesses online before they go there in person (source: ropo.fr). In this web-to-store context, Carrefour has entrusted Mobilosoft with the management of its virtual points of sale, in particular the custom development of a Store Locator...

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What will the Web-To-Store look like in 2017 ?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 12/01/17 08:30

The year 2016 provided us with some very useful information on the likely evolution of web-to-store over the coming years. In particular, we saw Google announce the introduction of a new function offering consumers a new way of getting into contact with points of sale: by way of instant messaging.

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Google My Business : What you need to do to improve your local ranking ?

By Ambre on 10/01/17 11:01

The local ranking of a business refers to its level of visibility in local search results. These results are displayed in various places on Google when a user searches for products or services close to where they are at that moment or when they specify a geographical criterion.

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A look back at 2016

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 05/01/17 18:26

Now that 2016 is almost over, we can draw some conclusions from a year that was full of web-to-store developments in Europe. This year was marked by the onset of a growth phase that should continue over the next five years.

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Local Pack: Google lets you filter local search results

By Ambre on 05/01/17 17:21

New features in Google My Business keep pouring in. Users can now specifically filter results in order to fine-tune their searches. Until now, this function was only active for restaurant searches, but it has just been extended to other business activities.

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Google My Business: New features for the end of 2016

By Ambre on 19/12/16 17:56


Google tools are constantly evolving, and GMB is no exception to the rule.
Here's a look at the new functionalities released in the past few weeks, which will help optimise your online presence.

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Google tests a chat function in local search results

By Ambre on 19/12/16 15:18


After having integrating the new message extension for mobile adverts in AdWords, Google is currently testing another functionality in My Business this time, which lets consumers chat privately with local businesses.

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Web-to-store: five ideas for geo-targeted advertising during the holidays

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 09/06/16 17:32


Holidays are an intense period for Web-to-store activity. Two factors have a positive impact on Web-to-store traffic.

  1. Consumers are on holiday, so they have more time to go to points of sale. Whether it is in a shop or a restaurant, they will go out and enjoy their free time.
  2. They are often outside of their comfort zone, which means they know less about where they are and will search more about their environment on their smartphones.
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How to benefit from Waze during the holidays for your Web-to-Store

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 09/06/16 17:04


Waze is an application owned by Google: it is a GPS-based geographical navigation application program for smartphones. The advantage for users is not so much the navigation part, which is very similar to other applications such as Google Maps and TomTom. The main advantage is that the application is also a social network . A bit like Coyote, Waze also encourages users to share situations they encounter on the road, such as bottlenecks, road works or even police checks.
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Web-to-Store, how good are your point of sales on-line?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 08/06/16 11:59

Reliability of point-of-sale data is only 34%!

In the past few years, consumer behaviour has evolved significantly thanks to the increased use of the Internet and smartphones in particular. Not a month goes by without a new study showing the importance of local searches in consumer patterns. However, many retailers with large brick-and-mortar networks have still not integrated this aspect into their thinking. Thanks to the studies we’ve carried out in recent years, we have been able to show that the reliability of point-of-sale data on the Web is only 34%.

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Data issues, choose the right Web-to-Store Partner!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 08/06/16 11:50


Having correct data is one of the most overlooked issues in Web-to-Store initiatives for retail brands. Web-to-Store providers often don’t take the necessary time to explain what’s at stake in good data management. In this article, we will mainly discuss point-of-sale data, which may extend to other types of data, such as promotions, event information, etc.

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What is the Web-to-Store value?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 08/06/16 09:55


Web-to-Store is the branch of digital marketing aimed at using the Web to generate traffic in brick-and-mortar stores. This branch is becoming increasingly important, since according to many recent studies, the searches performed by consumers to find products or services are increasingly being done with a local intent. According to Google, nearly a third of searches on mobile devices have a local orientation (more info here). Since we know that half of all searches are done on smartphones, this gives us an idea of the potential of Web-to-Store.

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Outil Web-to-Store: recherches le long des itinéraires par Google Maps

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 27/05/16 08:35


Voici la description d’une nouvelle fonctionnalité de Google Maps qui fait du sens dans le cadre de l’analyse des comportements web-to-store: la recherche les long des itinéraires
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Google My Business in 2016: 29% more visibility and 60% more activation for your points of sale!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 25/05/16 18:01

Since early 2015, Mobilosoft has been collecting Google statistics for its clients. 

Using these statistics, we have built a mathematical model that enables us to estimate the traffic Google generates at points of sales. This model has been validated by several retailers and is used on a monthly basis to identify the actions to deploy in order to improve the local listing of retailers.

At the same time, this collection of statistics enables us to monitor Google usage trends among consumers. That's the subject of this article and the figures quoted come from a sample of more than 2,000 of our clients' points of sale, analysed monthly, and cover the first four months of the year.

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Snapchat : the new web-to-store tool for retailers

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 17/05/16 17:00

What is Snapchat ?

Developed by Stanford students, Snapchat is an app for sharing pictures & videos to your friends. The special feature is that there is a time limit to see the picture that your friends has sent you. Every picture or video is only available during a short period of time (1 to 10 sec).

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How is Facebook going to automate your web-to-store ?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 03/05/16 11:34

Since the Facebook Developer Conference (F8), it is what everybody is talking about. How and why robots created by the Social Media Genius are going to revolutionize the way retailers communicate with their customers?

Topics: Facebook
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La publicité locale dans Google Maps évolue!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 19/04/16 13:00

Attention, si vous utilisez les Adwords Locaux pour votre web-to-store ceci vous concerne. 

Dès la semaine prochaine, Google Maps fera partie du réseaux de recherche Google à part entière. Il ne sera plus considéré comme un site partenaire du Réseau de Recherche. Qu’est ce que cela change pour vous?

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Facebook offers: An asset for your points of sale

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 12/04/16 16:34


On Facebook, pages for places/businesses with at least 50 Likes can create offers. It may not be Facebook's best-known function, but it can still be a very useful one.

The creation of local offers is a boon for businesses wishing to develop an online community of followers by offering them discounts. What’s more, these offers can be used to validate a web-to-store strategy developed on Facebook: what better evidence of return on investment than seeing prospects come into your points of sale with a coupon from your Facebook page?

Topics: Facebook
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Mobilosoft is now a partner of Google Adwords!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 30/03/16 10:00



We have already talked about it in our previous articles, Google Adwords is a very good ally to generate even more traffic in store. It allows us to be more complete and to achieve a new goal for the web-to-store strategy: help our clients creating geolocated ads! It allows to target specifically clients who are looking to buy a product next to they are standing. 

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SEO optimisation: Don’t forget to be mobile friendly!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 29/03/16 15:00

In May, Google plans on reinforcing the obligation for websites to be mobile friendly. What do you need to remember? Will your web-to-store policy be impacted?

A few days ago, Google announced its intention to launch a new update of its ranking algorithms in order to better account for the compatibility of websites with smartphones.

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Are you discouraging customers even before they enter your store?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 22/03/16 15:00

A good web-to-store strategy consists in attracting Internet users to your stores. But did you know many companies simply cannot achieve this?

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Web-to-store: How to ask your customers for a review on Google My Business?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 17/03/16 16:01



It's now no longer possible to use the old link generator on your Google Plus page to ask your customers to write a review that will appear in mobile search results. 
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Medi-Market partners with Mobilosoft for a Web-to-Store initiative

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 25/02/16 10:05

Web-to-store evolution

Nowadays, consumers aren't just using the Internet to make online purchases. More and more often, they are gathering information online and then going to a physical point of sale. Medi-Market is working with Mobilosoft to develop a targeted approach to this new purchasing behaviour.

The Medi-Market Group currently includes four parapharmacies in Belgium, with the ambition of reaching 10 points of sale by the end of 2016. Their specificities?

  • The lowest prices, with discounts ranging from 10 to 50%;
  • A wide  choice of products, with more than 8,000 references at each point of sale;
  • Advice provided by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in nutrition, care, beauty, etc.
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Web-to-store: Five reasons why online reviews are crucial for your points of sale

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 07/01/16 22:15

1) Reviews on Google My Business make your businesses more visible

When you have more than one review for your business, your average review score is displayed in the local results. And this has an obvious effect on your visibility. An example? We conducted a search with the terms "Thai restaurant Paris 11" on Google. Which restaurant attracted your attention the most?

Topics: Reviews
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Local listing of your points of sale: There's something new at Google!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 16/12/15 11:33

Google changes that impact web-to-store

In early December, Google announced an important change in the ranking criteria for local search results. How will the new rules affect your web-to-store strategy?

The presence of your stores on Google My Business has long been one of the pillars of a good web-to-store strategy. Google's decision this week to include the Google My Business page "search history" - we'll look at this concept more closely in just a bit - in the ranking criteria for local search results is a development that deserves our attention. 

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e-wego joins Mobilosoft !

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 03/12/15 12:29

We are very happy and proud to announce that Mobilosoft has acquired its French counterpart e-wego, a company specialised in presence management. We welcome Nicolas and Stéphane into the Mobilosoft family.

We are convinced that the combination of our technologies, our solutions and our approaches will be an enormous plus for the web-to-store market and for our customers!

Below you will find a press release announcing this event in the web-to-store world.

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Facebook launches two new web-to-store tools

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 27/11/15 15:01

Two additional functions allow businesses that manage multiple points of sale to better connect with the closest consumers.

Topics: Facebook
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Advertising: what if you were throwing money out the window?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 22/11/15 11:00

You are considering launching a nation-wide media campaign for your business. But is it the right choice? And what if other options were more cost-effective?

Of course, a well-designed "above-the-line" campaign will increase your business' notoriety. Also, it will undeniably flatter your ego: seeing your brand displayed everywhere around town and in national magazines, hearing your radio ads and seeing television ads in prime time will certainly give you the impression of having spent your marketing budget well. But is it really the case? Here are a few questions which will help you make the right choice.

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Will Google show your special opening hours?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 05/11/15 17:23

The end of the year is approaching, special opening hours as well ...

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The importance of reviews for your web-to-store strategy

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 15/09/15 08:39

A strong point on your web-to-store:

The presence of your points of sale on local review sites and in online directories is crucial in order to get a good position in search results. Reviews can enhance this presence.

We saw this last week. Among the factors that influence these results, the reviews published on local review sites and in online directories play a special role: according to a study conducted by Moz last year, they account for nearly 10% of Google's overall ranking, and 12.3% of the ranking to get in the Snack Pack. 

Topics: Reviews
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Increase sales by 120% with a good web-to-store strategy?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 11/09/15 09:56

Why a web-to-store strategy?

Between 2011 and 2012, Fiat's sales increased by 120% in the United States. This was the result of a well-thought-out and well-executed web-to-store strategy. 

Searching for a way to boost its sales in the land of Uncle Sam, particularly for the famed Fiat 500, the Italian auto giant decided to launch an ambitious campaign to buy key words on Google. Their goal? To increase sales by improving the brand's positioning in consumers' minds. 

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Use geo-targeted advertising to increase your web-to-store traffic

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 09/09/15 17:26

Geo-targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an essential part of your web-to-store strategy. But what is it exactly?

If you have laid the foundations for your web-to-store strategy, each of your points of sale will have at least three channels to reach Internet users:

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Inadequate Web-to-Store experience? Disgruntled customer! 

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 04/09/15 15:08

A bad experience for one of our colleagues perfectly illustrates the importance of updating practical information for your points of sale.

I can't resist the urge to tell you about the unfortunate experience which just happened to me. With the start of the school year approaching, my wife called the stationery store a few blocks from our house to order school supplies for the kids. The salesperson was very professional — at least at first, suggesting that my wife send him the list by email and he would prepare the order, so that I could come pick it up later at the store. This solution really made things easier for us. My wife gladly accepted.

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Google Snack Pack: What impact on your Web-to-Store traffic?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 04/09/15 14:45

Since the beginning of August, Google is displaying the results of local searches differently. What has changed, and what impact will this new display have on your points of sale? 

The change introduced by Google affects the "Snack Pack" in the local search results. This window, which opened below the sponsored links, used to include the top seven (organic) search results under a small map. Each result included the store's name, its address, its telephone numbers and its business hours, as well as two small, clickable icons to go to the company's website and to find directions on Google Maps. 

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The price of not being on Google My Business: no web-to-store

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 04/08/15 10:23

My behaviour:

I had a little misadventure this past week-end, and it illustrates the absolute necessity of having your business listed on Google My Business.

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Promotions: the English supermarket chain Waitrose dares to offer discounts "on demand"

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 17/07/15 15:16

Let your customers choose for their promotions?

The supermarket chain, Waitrose, allows its customers to choose for themselves which products they can get discounts on. Good idea?

Launched this past June 17, the Waitrose initiative sets off a new battle in the merciless war between British retailers trying to attract customers into their stores. The idea is quite simple: customers with a loyalty card can choose 10 items from a list of 250 products on which they will benefit from a 20% discount. Estimated cost of this operation: up to 260 million pounds. The company reached an agreement with its suppliers to equitably split up the cost.

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Internet and smartphones: New tools to bring web-to-store traffic

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 17/07/15 09:13

The Google Consumer Barometer says it ! Internet and smartphones: New tools to bring customers into your store 

The latest edition of Google's consumer barometer confirms how useful web-to-store and mobile-to-store strategies can be to bring customers into stores. 

The publication of numbers specific to the French and Belgian markets gives us the opportunity to observe the emergence of behaviours already well established in the United States: the increasing importance of the smartphone as a browsing tool, and the consumer's tendency to do research online before buyingin store

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Is web-to-store your point of sale's friend? An epic fail proves the point

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 07/07/15 10:08

Web-to-store is worth being managed properly!

"Sometimes, real life gives us the funniest demonstration of just how effective a store's online presence can be. Too bad about the user experience though. :-").

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Web-to-store: On what sites should you list your points of sale?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 01/07/15 11:33


If you want to use your online presence to generate more traffic at your points of sale, Google My Business is just the first step. Good local listing starts with...the top listing sites.

Your points of sale already exist on your website and on Google My Business. Congratulations! That's an excellent starting point. But now the goal is to boost your online mobile presence and generate web-to-store traffic. To do that, local listing sites are your best allies. 

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Double the visibility of your points of sale with Google My Business?

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 26/06/15 09:10


Thanks to Mobilosoft, Touring Glass was able to increase the online visibility of its points of sale by 97% in just three months. The secret: a complete overhaul of its presence on Google My Business

In 2014, Touring made an ambitious bet: starting a windscreen repair and replacement centre, on a market where Carglass reigns supreme. 

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Google My Business: Five good reasons to regularly check the information about your points of sale

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 24/06/15 10:38


Actively managing your stores' online presence is a first step in your web-to-store strategy to convert mobile users into real-life shoppers. Here's why and how.  

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Web-to-store: an augmented reality on holiday!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 17/06/15 12:34


For many of us, the summer holidays are a time to venture far from home and from our daily routines. This is when smartphones become an essential tool in helping us get around. 

With the rise of smartphones, and in particular flat-rate data plans, it is well known that the mobile web is widely used by people on holiday. What do you do when you're in an unfamiliar city, and you want to find a restaurant? To know when the bank opens? The address for an auto mechanic? Or a pharmacy?

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Web-to-store - Internet is your point of sale's best ally

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 09/06/15 11:41

The behaviour of Internet users has changed drastically these past few years. To the point that Internet has become a tool to increase sales in your stores.

For a long time, "brick and mortar" retailers felt that online shopping diverted customers away from their stores, and that the use of smartphones was heading in the same direction. However, they could not have been more wrong. 

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E-tickets vs M-tickets, difference and benefits for consumers

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 02/04/15 12:00

E-ticket: Print it!

E-tickets are more and more used. Indeed, e-tickets allow consumers to gain a certain amount of time before events such as cinema and concerts or before travelling by plane, train or bus. E-Tickets are different from traditional tickets. They provide a wide range of advantages that traditional don't offer. An E-ticket can be directly printed at home for example. Consumers do not need anymore to wait days or weeks before receiving the tickets in their mailboxes. Every ticket is unique, personal and controlled before attending the event or traveling with a specific company. 

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How to solve the biggest problems with duplicate google my business

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 31/03/15 16:29


We get more and more issus with point of sales duplicates inside Google. This article will help you better understand this situation.

In this context, I invite you to read the following article around the implementation of Google My Business for multiple point-of-sales Retailers.

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4 tips to fight against showrooming

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 30/03/15 18:49


Showrooming consists in going inside a physical store to see a product, to touch it and to receive advice from the seller. After that, consumers go online to buy the product at a more competitive price. This new trend is harmful to retailers who observe a decrease in their incomes. Stimulated by price differences, more than 31% of consumers would leave the store is they find a price difference of around 5%.

Showrooming is a threat for retailers but how can they face it? How can retailers hold back their shoppers?

Here are 4 tips to fight against showrooming!

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What’s a good store locator

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 24/03/15 21:59

A Store Locator is a tool to locate a physical outlet. It can be offered on a website (conventional or mobile) or a mobile application.

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How to setup Google My Business for Multiple stores Retail Chains

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 20/03/15 09:23

Why should you do this? To drive web-to-store traffic!

Google is the number one search engine used by consumers all around the world. And when these customers search for local products, services, or stores, there is a high probability that Google will be the first step of their search (the web impacts indeed 81% of all purchases).

After such a search, the user behavior will vary, but be sure that he'll look for discounts and for a place to buy what he intends to. The good news for brick & mortar Retail chains is that the probability he ends-up in a physical store is 88%.

It is then clear that your stores must be well positionned on the web!

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MWC Day 3 - Web-to-store, It is all about data!

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 04/03/15 17:21

Data is the key

If Retailers want to be successfull in the digital world, they need to be very good at managing their data! But this is probably the most complicated task they will need to carry on. At the Mobile World Congress, a huge majority of the company have, as a core business, the management of data. It is very often marketed on another way, but the core is always data. 

Yesterday, Rick Costanzo, Executive VP at SAP talked about the quantity of data that is produced every day. He mentionned an interesting statistic, the fact that "90% of the world's data has been produced over the last 2 years". And this is not about to stop. Imagine how many wearable devices are produced every day, how many pictures you take with your smartphone or how many information you register by using your connected devices. All this is part of this data creation. 

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Push your coupons inside your stores thanks to ultrasounds

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 03/03/15 20:52

Another in-store couponing technology:

Copsonic, a French company is launching a new tool to deliver coupons inside stores. The solution is based on ultrasounds (we, human do not detect this signal). Ultrasounds are send eather through the music system of the store, eather by a device that may be easily placed inside the store.

To receive coupons, customers must be equiped with an App. Copsonic decided to create one App that will be valid for all stores (there is also a SDK available so that stores chains may include it inside their own App) so that the customers do not need to download an App for all Retailers. 

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Light Signals Create Coupons for web-to-store

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 03/03/15 20:32

Today in my search for new web-to-store ideas, I had the chance to met some tech guys from Fujitsu. They showed me an interesting technology that uses light signals to deliver coupons to smartphones. 

It is based on the fact that a smartphone can detect light signals modification that are not visible for humans. The variations of the signal integrate a code that may include any type of data such as a url or some content. It works a bit like Shazam, the light is replacing the sound.

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MWC2015 For Retail - Part 1 - Mobile Payments for web-to-store

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 02/03/15 18:37

First steps in the event:

What an exciting first day at the Mobile World Congress! When I'm here, I feel a bit like a kid surrounded by so many great technology. Today, I've spend my time in the Hall 7 where the @Mobilosoft booth is located. And here, three main areas come out:

  1. Mobile devices (smartphones, smartwatches, etc.), produced by asian companies. While some initiatives are interesting in focusing on consumer usages (you may find the perfect smartphone for selfies makers or the best device to play games) I found other a bit chocking in the way they copy more established companies such as Apple or Google.
  2. Wearable devices: they are everywhere in the congress. The majority of the value propositions turns around helathcare or health monitoring technologies.
  3. Mobile POS systems for Retail Stores: there are plenty of solutions, I'll try to pick up the most interesting ones in my daily summary.
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Tenez-vous au courant des nouveautés du Mobile World Congress

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 26/02/15 18:00

La semaine prochaine Mobilosoft sera au Mobile World Congress:

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Getting new ideas at the Mobile World Congress !

By Georges-Alexandre Hanin on 26/02/15 17:56

Next Week, Mobilosoft will be at the Mobile World Congress:

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Web-to-store leads to a lower CPM

By Aymeric Schindler on 23/02/15 10:03

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