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  1. Run your adverts in the navigation apps tourists use.
    Two in particular are easy to use: Waze via Pins or Takeovers and Google Maps via geo-located Adwords.

  2. Enable Facebook adverts in your customers' streams when they are near one of your points of sale.

  3. Set up a Holiday Actions Pinboard.

  4. Send out a newsletter telling your consumers that they can also find you during their holidays, and include a link to your Store Locator.

  5. Create actions related to the location where your points of sale can be found. Ask yourself this question: what makes a point of sale at the seaside stand out from one in the country or in the city?

  6. Make sure your social media posts are mobile-compatible: in the summer, customers are often outdoors and out of their comfort zone. They therefore make more searches on their smartphones.

By Ambre