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Mobilosoft is now a partner of Google Adwords!

30/03/16 10:00




We have already talked about it in our previous articles, Google Adwords is a very good ally to generate even more traffic in store. It allows us to be more complete and to achieve a new goal for the web-to-store strategy: help our clients creating geolocated ads! It allows to target specifically clients who are looking to buy a product next to they are standing. 

We wanted to succeed the Adwords certification exams in order to serve you better.
Google Adwords campaigns are complementary to SEO thanks to the visibility that it brings to some keywords. 

There are many benefits to Google Adwords and they are meeting our objectives:
- Increase the number of visits in physical stores
- Increase the number of phone calls
- Increase the number of requests for route
- Increase the number of meetings


This new tool allows us to garantee our service panel but moreover, to propose you a unique offer, to differenciate once more from our competitors. 

If you want to know more on how make your businesses more visible via another Google tool, click over here.

 Let's talk about it!

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